Artisan Electric

Artisan Electric creates smart and beautiful energy solutions for local homes and businesses. A regional powerhouse with award-winning work, Artisan was ready for a bright new brand and website.

Conflare Services for Artisan Electric







Well-balanced design.

This team of building-scaling professionals has a fine-tuned sense of balance. Artisan brings the perfect mix of “beauty, brains and power” to each of their projects—and their website needed to do the same.

The redesigned site captures Artisan’s values as well as their aesthetic. And it’s made quite the impression: following launch, new online customer inquiries increased by 300%. That’s no small feat.

The site design is an expression of Artisan's skill, style and character. We focused on bright colors, easy-to-read typeface and lines that echo Artisan’s elegant creations.

We brought the team's personality to life with an approachable and energetic brand voice. Clear, user-friendly copy makes reading the site as easy as it is to work with Artisan.

Larger than life.

Rooftop action shots, striking installations and big smiles introduce the “superheroes” of Artisan Electric. Our photos showcase not just the team's work but their infectious excitement for what they do.

“Conflare took our copy from a Prius to a Tesla.”
Evan Leonard, Artisan VP

With a new brand and website to share, it was time to reach out to the community. Artisan asked us to create postcards that convey what their team is all about: "Power, done beautifully."

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