Canna Law Group

Harris Moure needed a polished web presence for its pioneering cannabis law practice. Though this new industry offered little precedent for effective design, we forged ahead inspired by the success of their bold core brand.

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A new look for a new market.

Building on the unflinching brand we'd created for Harris Moure (Canna Law's parent firm), our design team gave this nascent practice the professional savvy it needed to attract upstanding businesses. Smart content and skillful design come together to highlight the sophistication of this fast-growing field.

Striking a smart balance.

Canna Law reflects key elements of the Harris Moure brand, but a fresh, entrepreneurial edge gives the sub-practice a distinct identity.

Cannabis with class.

Photos of local cannabis businesses capture the energy and professionalism of this burgeoning market. A mature color palette and elegant black and white images reveal a side of cannabis many viewers have never seen.