Douglas Smith, Author

With a new book coming out amidst rave reviews, author and historian Douglas Smith needed a site that would engage a discriminating readership, including The New York Times, The Telegraph and Vogue.

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A site fit for a best-seller.

This literary site needed to showcase Doug's latest tome as well as his past body of work. It had to be agile enough to accommodate future titles and intuitive enough to allow effortless navigation on any device.

History with modern style.

We borrowed from the themes of Doug's books, as well as their cover art, typeface and photography. These assets gave us a great foundation for a compelling design.

First came a simple but versatile typographic logo that complements the author's overall style. From that grew an elegant site with an intellectual sensibility and a number of user-friendly features.

The website allows visitors to perform a range of functions, including reading reviews, viewing book pages, shopping and exploring galleries and reference materials.

A responsively designed mobile experience makes it easy for Doug's fan base to navigate and engage with the website on any type of device.

Expression Engine (EE) integration gives Doug the ability to update site content as quickly as the presses can roll out the reviews—all glowing, no doubt!