Welcome to our workshop.

Conflare is a studio of non-stop learning and creative fusion. It’s a bustling laboratory where dev geeks, word nerds and corporate types work side by side. Where elegance meets elbow grease. Where different perspectives collide to form one-of-a-kind brands and one-of-a-kind websites that work.

We love what what we do.


In business for 12 years


Working with clients all over the country


Many clients happily served


Always pushing the envelope

Our services.

We’re a compact powerhouse of brand strategists, designers and developers, united and inspired by one goal: to build a smart, elegant, and engaging digital infrastructure for your brand.

  • Web Development
  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming & Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • User Research & Testing
  • UI/UX
  • Logo Design
  • Signage
  • Business papers
  • Brochures
Our Work

A creative team with moxie.

Timeca Briggs

Principal & Creative Director

Timeca is a maker. An all-around artist, Timeca is a photographer, writer, and graphic designer as well as a former theater director, actor, teaching artist, and playwright. She loves helping clients shape their brands and relishes all of the exploration, messiness, uncertainty, tediousness, and joyful discovery that are part of a robust creative process. She is a compassionate and generous mentor, with a gift for recognizing and nurturing creatives. When she isn’t doing literally everything in the world, she enjoys “just doing nothing.” To her, that sounds like heaven.

Randy Steiger

Principal & Technical Director

Randy is a pragmatist. He is a down-to-earth, big-picture oriented kinda guy. He loves elegant code, intuitive design, deliverables delivered and deadlines met. As much as he likes getting it done on time, he also likes to get it done right. But don’t let his straight-laced, Seattle cool fool you; when he closes his laptop, Randy is also a creative who let’s his metaphorical hair down whenever he picks up a bass guitar. He’s played most every dive bar in the city and has been known to be in more than one band at a time. His breakfast tacos and pancetta-infused red sauce are team-renowned and also make for solid late-night, post-band-gig fare.

Sonnette Sadile

Project Coordinator

Sonnette is a connector. Her skill for building lasting relationships in her seemingly effortless team-wrangling style. She keeps one eye on our project team, and the other on the calendar, at all times. Highly attuned to the meanderings of otherwise wayward creatives and scope-happy clients, Sonnette course-corrects with an affable, razor-like precision.  

Julie Impola

Lead Developer

Julie is a builder. An industry stand-out, she approaches web development with precision, efficiency and an unmatched methodical attention to detail which belies the elegant simplicity and humanity that underpins her work. When she’s used up her screen-time, Julie’s international travels, food adventures, love of the outdoors and large, close-knit Washington-based family keep her offline life blissfully busy.

Ali Eddlem

Lead Designer

Ali is a maker—plain and simple—grounded by research, and driven by possibility. She leads the design team with a dedication to craft mastery, love of discovery and learning. Known as the team’s political junkie, Ali believes in the power of design to level playing fields, and create meaningful, lasting change in society. In her free time, she can be found working on her protest magazines and political posters to take down “the man,” whoever that is!

Shannon Ashcroft

UX/UI Designer

Shannon is a de-constructor. She has always loved puzzles, riddles, and problem-solving. Analysis is her passion and understanding is her driving force. Her analytical mind and big heart make her an empathetic and effective UX designer with an uncompromising user focus. Outside of the studio, this Georgia-born girl can’t get enough of the rich Pacific Northwest outdoors, but is just as likely to be found at home curled up with her adorable cat, Boo.